Apedoge Whitepaper

3% / 3% TAX

Buy 3%

Liquidity Tax 1%
The Liquidity Tax is necessary for liquidity pool refilling. This helpful process is needed for organic and stable price growth and long-term project development.
Marketing Tax 1%
A Marketing Tax is needed to provide community growth even after the project launch. A small amount of 1% will allow us to increase community Monthly by 20%-30%!
Developers Tax 1%
Developers tax is a kind of reward for our employees (engineers, coders, or developers) in the form of tokens as compensation packages.

Sell 3%

Game Reward Tax 1%
Game Reward tax is needed to keep the pool live, and the rewardable for the game will be able to grow while users will play the game.
Marketing Tax 1%
A Marketing Tax received by our team will be redirected to boost community growth. After launch, several taxes could help develop our community to promote more listings and upgrades.
Reflections Tax 1%
The reflections tax is distributed instantly to coin holders. Aside from passive income generation advantages, reflection tax also helps to prevent large price drops. Reflection tax represents a percentage of the trade value that is distributed back into the tokens' liquidity pool.