100% in-house production based on a global standard.

The Apedoge team has many members that worked in the gaming industry for a long time and are experts in various fields such as game development, design, and blockchain Enthusiast.

Team members are working hard to bring the best P2E games to many people.

Our team members specialize in mobile and web games. They have developed over eight titles since the community was founded in 2014, with metrics reaching over 100.000 monthly active users and 3.000 daily active users.

We have more than nine years of experience in IT, Entertainment and more than six years of experience in blockchain/cryptocurrency development, financial technology, and games. Play, from ideation to market launch. As economists & blockchain experts, we have built a project strategy and long-term direction for game services.

Apedoge is a revolutionary game made by Crypto Games Partnership. Crypto Games Partnership's mission is to create sustainable play-to-earn games that provide reliable revenue for the players while combating poverty by educating more people about how to enter the NFT gaming space wisely.

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