Apedoge NFT's
Collection of 500 NFTS Ape and Doge mutants with different elements randomly passed from one to another during the generative catastrophe. Every user has their own unique NFT that allows them to participate in the game by staking with 24 hours cooldown. Once a week team make regular drop of new unique 500 NFTS with instant access for our community members.
All the NFTs issued will be available in limited supply and be released to players with «first come - first serve» principle.

It will be possible to buy any NFT's for APED tokens and trade them on marketplaces.

NFT Lockup:

In short, you lock your NFTs by locking them in the Smart Contract Vault and then receive three health bars on every staked NFT that allow you to start the game three times, trying your best to get as far as you can and score daily maximum. You can mint NFTs in your hub and stake them immediately before the game.
  • Every NFT will be eligible for lockup. Initially, you can unlock any of Apedoge NFTs only once in 24 hours. That kind of limitation is necessary for a healthy ecosystem of the game and reward pool stability.