It's not fair to ask people to pay $1000 hard-earned money before they can play or earn from the game. It is the crypto era, and we want everyone to have an equal right to be able to play and make. ​ Everyone will put their sweat into the game to earn. Of course, everyone will do the heavy lifting to make it. Our community members will get rewards based on their contributions.

Play for free without logging in, or stay hungry to win rewards, stake APED to earn yield. While Apes and Doges are mixed together, you have a chance to help prevent the metaverse collapse.

After finishing the "how to play" session, press the button start and play your first game. When the song is randomly chosen and the time starts to count, you will see the carnival of many different colors but do not lose focus because all you need is a drum button on the downside of gameplay.

Press the left side of the drum, which is red, when red Dogecoin is in the target, or tap the right side of the drum, which is blue, when blue Apecoin is in the target. And hurry up cause coins are running so fast right from the frog called Pepe, which blows coins out at the top of the gameplay, running right-way on the top of the game line and coming from the left side of the game-line running right to the target destination.

Hahaha, I forgot to say that whenever you press the drum, you are making drum noise and playing the crazy song….take your chance to earn tokens feeling the beat, and let's get ready for Apedoge carnival!


Users can participate through Daily Events, PvE tasks, PvP tasks, Recurring Events, Leaderboard Events, and Syndicate Events to earn rewards.​


Instead of selling directly into the public markets, users can reallocate hard-earned assets into the metaverse ecosystem to generate additional revenue.​


Users can HODL and stake APED for the additional yield, in-game boosts, and privileges.​

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