APED Staking

Total APED supply distributed for staking- 6%

Shortly this part of staking is not something new for intermediate users. The main thing is that the APED Token could be staked and unstaked to get more rewards and earn passive income as an investor. Also, some of you'll know that staking of our token help us improve our game and feel more comfortable over a long distance. It is essential to say that staking pools are limited, and there is no guarantee that everyone will have a chance to get into it. Every wallet is limited to a stake maximum of 100000 APED. Choose your amount for staking and get regular rewards with the core team.


You earn rewards daily (24h cycle) and can claim them anytime.

Users can stake their NFTs and, in return, receive in-game tokens by clearing the stages. NFT staking aims to reduce the supply of NFTs on the open market, rewarding users.

APED tokens are unique and can be spent in the Asset Hub Store in exchange for exclusive NFTs and more.

APED tokens can be sold or exchanged within the Personal Hub Store.

Users may also receive APED tokens at certain times to incentivize further NFT staking.

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